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Our Parent Company

● Luoyang Guohong Investment Group Co., Ltd.

(First-class company---strategic guidance, macro control)

Luoyang Guohong Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as “Guohong Group”) is a comprehensive state-owned capital investment (operating) company approved by the Luoyang Municipal People's Government. It was established in 2013 with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan and is the only industry in Luoyang. The main body of investment and financing in the field.

Guohong Group is positioned to be guided by market-oriented operations, focusing on comprehensive functions such as investment and financing, capital operation, resource integration, and strategic restructuring of state-owned assets in the industrial sector. Committed to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, guiding and cultivating strategic emerging industries, coordinating the development of parks, investment in high-tech and tertiary services, import and export of machinery and industrial products, reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and financing of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Support and so on. By the end of 2017, the Group had 9 second-tier subsidiaries and 43 third-tier wholly-owned, holding and shareholding companies, with total assets reaching 17.8 billion yuan. The annual revenue was 9.6 billion yuan and the profit was 540 million yuan.

● Luoyang State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.

(Secondary company---operation management, value preservation and value-added)

Luoyang State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “State-owned company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guohong Group. The company was established in July 2001. In 2014, the company's equity was transferred to Guohong Group. According to the strategic positioning of the group company, the company will serve as an industrial investment (modern service sector) and a state-owned capital operation platform to further enhance its market-oriented operational capabilities. Realize the transformation and development of platform service companies to business companies.

At present, the company has 16 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding companies, which have formed business sectors such as state-owned holding management, industrial investment, restructuring of state-owned assets, debt management, and asset management. The business is widely distributed in agricultural machinery vehicles and accessories, building materials. , new materials, international trade, management consulting, real estate development, property management, housing leasing and other fields.

●Luoyang Sino Grandeur International, Ltd.

(Three-level company---production management, cost control)

Luoyang Sino Grandeur International, Ltd. (Sinogran) was established in June 2017. It is a state-owned company of Guohong Group to actively respond to the national “Belt and Road” development strategy, and to establish the Luoyang area of ​​Henan Free Trade Zone. A favorable opportunity to cooperate with Luoyang Mingyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. to form a modern international trade enterprise. Guided by the development strategy of the group company,Luoyang Sino Grandeur International, Ltd. closely follows the “9+2” work layout of Luoyang City and the “Five Strong Six New Five Special” modern industrial system to promote the import and export of industrial machinery and industrial products in Luoyang. It is playing an active role in raising the level of foreign trade in Luoyang.

Sinogran business scope: sales of medical equipment, aerospace equipment and new materials, transportation facilities, port equipment, power equipment, intelligent terminal equipment, oil and gas equipment and pipelines, large-scale complete sets of equipment, automobiles (excluding used cars) and accessories And maintenance services; mineral products, chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals), lubricants, non-ferrous metals, hardware, office supplies, labor insurance products, wire and cable, electronic products, insulation materials, instrumentation, rubber and products, protective equipment, Sales of agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, wood, stone, cotton, food and medicine (excluding toxic decoction pieces), health food, alcohol, clothing, cosmetics, jewellery; coal trade (excluding retail, bulk coal site storage and distribution) Chinese herbal medicine planting and sales; municipal engineering, mining, power engineering general contracting; cultural exchange, business exhibition services; machinery and parts, non-ferrous metal processing; pure trade sales of fuel oil (flash point greater than 60 degrees, no storage Management); animation game development, design and production; electronic components, semiconductor materials and design of integrated circuit chips, intelligent electromechanical equipment; freight forwarding; warehousing services (excluding hazardous chemicals); agent inspection, customs declaration; research and development and promotion of power-saving technology; use of the Internet to promote the above technologies and sales of goods; Import and export of goods and technologies above.

In the future, the company will base on Luoyang's industrial advantages and resource advantages, deeply integrate into the national “Belt and Road” strategy, focus on expanding the market scope of Luoyang industrial enterprises, and enhance the participation of Luoyang enterprises in the international market, so as to make more “traditional manufacturing” and “smart equipment”. Go out of Henan and go to the world. At the same time, give full play to the leading and magnifying functions of state-owned capital, assist international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, provide international trade services for outstanding enterprises in Luoyang and surrounding areas, boost the industrial development and transformation and upgrading of Luoyang City, and enhance the international influence of Luoyang City.