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SinoGran has facilitated the second batch of 400 electric four-wheelers to be exported to Pakistan i


After the first batch of 200 sets of electric quadricycles were successfully exported to Pakistan in bulk, on November 22, SinoGran and luoyang dahe new energy vehicles co., ltd. successfully reached the second batch of 400 sets of electric quadricycles in bulk exported to Pakistan. "Luoyang made" new energy quadricycle enters Pakistan in bulk through guohong international and accelerates into countries along "One Belt And One Road", further opening the central Asian market.

In early August this year, the macro international carriage of the domestic motor market under the premise of fully research, explore innovative business model of international trade, make the international trade supply chain services, procurement of raw materials, by helping enterprises to provide professional services, international trade, respectively, to solve the liquidity problem of tension, the foreign trade talented person lack, finally realizes the river new energy company with Pakistan for electric motorcycle; united auto firm cooperation. On the basis of the first order, guohong international made a serious summary of experience and improved its business model. On the basis of consolidating the continuous export of electric quadricycles to Pakistan, it formed the service model of international trade supply chain, and finally reached the export of the second batch of 400 sets of electric quadricycles in bulk, generating more than 2 million us dollars in foreign exchange.

SinoGran will continue to play the leading and amplifying role of state-owned capital, strive to build a comprehensive service platform for international trade, further support the development of private economy, serve the import and export trade of small and medium-sized enterprises in luoyang, keep innovating and developing, improve the quality and efficiency, and enhance the influence of guohong international brand.