AHT8000 Slipform Concrete Paver



  • Product Description

Product introduction

AHT8000 Slipform Concrete Paver are designed with full hydraulic drive, centralized computer control with real-time monitoring and self-diagnostic capabilities, and auto levelling and tracing systems.This innovative, advanced and practical machine of high standard is a key specialty equipment for the construction of high-speed railway and concrete road .

Technical parameters

  Description Unit AHT8000
Parameter Paving withd mm 4250-8000
Max.paving thickness mm 0-350
Paving speed m/min 0-10
Engine model -- TAD851VE
Engine power kw/rpm 185/2200
Vibration bar -- High frequency&hydraulic drive
Drive mode -- Hydraulic drive
Overall size mm 4000*9300*2800
Machine weight kg 25000


AHT8000 are suitable for the construction of China's high-speed railway hydraulic support layer  and concrete road, and operable for the construction of hydraulic-activity supporting course and concrete road.

Simultaneous operations of hydraulic-activity supporting course, scraping, vibrating, tamping and extruding at the same time.Full hydraulic independent drive, micro-computer with display and self-diagnostic capability.

Auto levelling and tracing systems to ensure paving flatness, straightness and smoothness at road bends.

Ergonomically designed with smart controls for operational comfort and ease.

Imported key components to ensure machine reliability and prolong service life of the paver.