Full hydraulic four-wheel drive landfill compactor GYL302/332



  • Product Description

Product introduction

Trash compactor is landfill dedicated compaction equipment, through the garbage for effective bulldozed, separation, crush, and by using the weight of garbage fill compaction adequately, make rubbish to a higher density, effectively reduce the space utilization and demand for turns the soil, to extend the service life of the landfill and operating costs.

Technical parameters

  Model Unit GYL302/332
Parameter Operating mass KG 30000/33000
Rolling width mm 3800
Max.Travel speed Km/h 8.0
Gradeability -- 100%
Diesel engine power KW 250
Clearance mm 610
Wheel Width mm 3500
Diesel engine model -- QSM11
Dozer blade heightx width mm 4000*1980
Overall dimensions at dozer blade mm 8250*4000*3750;8250*4000*3750


The xikang Ⅲ electronic control diesel engine, low noise, low emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Four independent hydrostatic drive walking system, four groups of variable pump motor composed of four relatively independent hydrostatic drive circuit, fundamentally solve the problem of suspension or skidding compaction wheel in the process of operation.

Torque converter and power shift gearbox, four - wheel drive.

Unique arrangement of long life wear - resistant teeth, set scraper teeth and cutting pliers, ensure the teeth clean, prevent foreign body winding.

The hydraulic system adopts load sensing device and plunger hydraulic pump, with light operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

Central lubrication regularly lubrication maintenance of key points, set up a drug spraying mechanism to prevent mosquito bites.

The integrated anti-roll protection structure of the frame (ROPS), front and rear axle braking and central parking braking provide the maximum safety guarantee.

The cab can be turned over, with three door covers on both sides, double side corridors and protective ladders, and the main transmission components within reach.

Equipped with infrared night vision function of the car video and audio back-up monitoring system, as well as the back buzzer, greatly facilitate the driver and operation.