double steel wheel vibratory roller GYD012



  • Product Description

Product introduction

It is mainly used for compaction and leveling of ditch foundation, road and sports field, and also for compaction of asphalt surface.

Technical parameters

  Model Unit GYD012
Parameter Operating mass Kg 1000
Static linear load N/cm 20/55
Vibration amplitude mm 0.5
Vibration frequency Hz 70
Centrifugal force Kn 20
Diesel engine power Kw 9.55/5.68
Overall dimensions mm 1845*840*1800mm


Small working radius, can work in a narrow area, suitable for groove backfilling;
International brand HONDA gasoline engine or famous diesel engine, famous brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start;
Hydraulic transmission unit imported from Italy, stepless transmission, front and back walking, easy to change direction;
Electromechanical start, machine vibration electromagnetic clutch control, easy to operate;
Luxury seats are installed for easy adjustment and comfortable operation.
Adopt international famous NSK bearing, MITSUBOSHI(samsung) triangle belt, ensure the working performance of the machine;
Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust and corrosion resistance.