Hydraulic double steel wheel vibratory roller GYD031



  • Product Description

Product introduction

It is suitable for compaction of all kinds of stabilized soil and asphalt concrete materials, and is an ideal compaction equipment for construction of highways, municipal road repair and industrial sites such as stadium and garden lawn.

Technical parameters

  Model Unit GYD031
Parameter Operating mass Kg 3000
Static linear load(F) N/cm 120
Vibration amplitude mm 0.5
Vibration frequency Hz 50
Centrifugal force Kn 32
Diesel engine power Kw 26.5
Overall dimensions mm 2850*1210*2555


Changchai ZN390B engine is adopted, with good starting performance and large power reserve.

Engine conforms to our country the road equipment China Ⅲ emission standards.

Full hydraulic rear wheel drive, front wheel vibration; The main components of the drive are international famous brands with reliable performance.

Full hydraulic articulated steering, infinitely variable speed, easy and flexible operation.

The machine is compact in structure and small in size, which can be used for compaction of narrow site.

Large volume water tank, adjustable scraper device.