Tire roller GYR261/301/351



  • Product Description

Product introduction

This series is smooth tyre roller, mainly is suitable for various viscous and non-viscous materials used in the road engineering, such as sand, gravel, stabilized soil, asphalt concrete and hard concrete materials, compaction, especially suitable for high grade highway asphalt layer of final disposal, is the construction of highways, airports, municipal engineering and high-performance compaction equipment of industrial sites.

Technical parameters

  Model Unit GYR261/301/351
Parameter Max.operating mass Kg 26000/30000/35000
Min.operating mass Kg 16000/25000/30000 speed Km/h 15
Tire number -- 5+6
Diesel engine power KW 110/132/147
Overall dimensions(with cabin) mm 5230*2890*3210;5230*2890*3210;5524*3065*3270


Famous brand electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine, through the electronic control module can realize the engine load, fuel economy and emissions control and starting performance optimization match, reached the Ⅲ emissions standards, the more environmental protection and energy saving.

Hydraulic walking transmission, imported hydraulic plunger pump motor, two-speed stepless transmission, reduce the impact on the road surface vibration;

Fully floating structure of the front wheel, rear wheel and transmission parts using modular design, compaction uniform, easy maintenance;

By adding water or wet sand can adjust the weight of the roller and ground specific pressure, convenient adjustment range;

Electric power sprinkler system, FRP water tank, multi-stage water filter, safe and reliable;

The vehicle compaction monitoring system with infrared night vision function greatly facilitates driving and operation of drivers.

Compact structure, beautiful shape;

Spacious enclosed cab with ventilation and air-conditioning;

GYR301 is specially equipped with exhaust brake device of engine to reduce the use frequency of driving brake and improve the braking effect.