Hydraulic drive hand vibratory roller GYW50



  • Product Description

Product introduction

This series of small hand vibratory roller is suitable for all kinds of road repairing and rolling work of highway shoulder, pavement, stadium and garden lawn, and it is also suitable for compaction work of compacting pipeline and drainage pipe groove and so on.

Technical parameters

  Model Unit GYW50
Parameter Operating mass Kg 500
Vibration amplitude mm 0.5
Vibration frequency Hz 70
Centrifugal force Kn 20
Diesel engine power Kw 4.45
Overall dimensions mm 1750*880*1070


Hydraulic drive, unique mechanical vibration, hydraulic braking, hydraulic steering, advanced performance, leading technology;

Using control handle, can realize forward and backward, stepless speed change and driving brake; Electronic buttons are integrated on the handle to control the start and stop of vibration. The operation is light and convenient.

Front and rear frame adopt four point contact bearing hinged, electronic button control hydraulic steering, flexible and labor-saving;

Imported walking pump and motor, advanced performance;

The appearance of the machine adopts streamlined design, compact structure, simple and beautiful.