LTL60A Wheel Asphalt Paver Specifications



  • Product Description

Product introduction

 The machine is used to pave asphalt for highway, urban road, plaza, and parking lots etc . It is the ideal machine for road construction.The machine is equipped with hydraulical extension dual-layer screed and automatic leveling unit and can achieve good roads flatness and high density. The wearable parts are made from advanced wear resistance material to ensure durability.

Technical parameters

  Description Unit LTL60A
Parameter Paving withd mm 2800-5500
Max.paving thickness mm 250
Theoretical productivity t/h 300
Paving speed m/min 3.07-9.16
Running speed km/h 2.30-16.84
Drive system -- mechanical/Hydraulic
Machine weight t 12
Engine model & power -- QSB3.9-C110-30,DF Cummins,81kw
Track shoe width mm wheel type,4 front wheels
Hopper capacity t 12
Auto.Leveling unit -- made in china
Auger diameter mm 350
Screed extension mode -- hydraulic extension,mechaanical joint
Screed vibration frequency Hz 0-50
Screed heating mode    Gas far infrared heatinng ,automatic ignition
Fuel tank volume L 200
Hydraulic tank volume L 115
Centralized lubrication -- made in china


Advanced design & optimized configuration, operable for paving graded roads' surface.

China made brand engine, powerful, low fuel consumption, low noise and high reliability and cold-starting.

Independent feeding drive at LH & RH, removable and high-wearable auger blade for easy replacement.

High-accuracy auto. Leveling sensors ensure mat’s surface flatness.

Unique dual-layer and stepless-extension screed changes paving width easily, screed bottom plate uses international advanced wearable material.

Centralized lubrication system, charging lubricating grease to all high temperature bearings for machine reliability.

Fuel-electrodynamic cleaning system supplies convenient operation.

Electrical system has advanced progress technology, all controlled elements and wirings are numbered as per circuit diagram for fast trouble shooting.